With a cerebral blend of drama, thriller, mystery, and crime, HBO’s The Night Of (2016) is the best mini-series I’ve ever seen. This isn’t to say that the competition is weak. HBO alone boasts many top contenders, from Band of Brothers (2001) to Chernobyl (2019). However, with just eight episodes, The Night Of is on its own level. It racked up Emmy wins for everything from acting to cinematography to editing. But what makes it so brilliant and unique isn’t any of these aspects. The standout feature is, quite simply, how the story is told. The show follows Naz, a student in New York who’s just trying to find friends and enjoy life outside class. He is picked on for being a Muslim. But one night, he is invited to a party by his basketball team. He sneaks out, using his father’s taxi to get to the party. A mysterious girl gets in at a stop, thinking that he’s an on-duty driver. She requests to go to “the beach,” dropping flirty hints. Sensing a chance with a beautiful girl, Naz obliges.