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Hello! Luke here. I am from Dallas but Boston is the place I call home. I am passionate about a vast array of topics, particularly the arts and sciences. The more I know, the more I know how little I know—how unwise I am—but I find that inspiring. And in a 14 billion-year-old universe that’s expanding at a rate faster than the speed of light, I’m honored to be here with you right now. I am a student at Harvard University (Class of 2021), concentrating in government with a history minor. I’m also a writer, tutor, and soccer coach.

This blog revolves around movies and music. It wasn’t until my life reached its lows that I realized how crucial they are to me—and since then, I’ve amassed much more content, expertise, and perspective. Through magical films from Spirited Away to The Tree of Life, revolutionary albums from Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here to Frank Ocean’s Blonde, and groundbreaking artists from Kubrick to Kanye, I am often reminded of art’s beautiful, limitless, timeless nature. As such, I will review both new and old content. Hope you enjoy! 🤠

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*To whose who recognize this blog: I ran it for 3 years as “Neorenaissance Man” with posts about countless topics—but this is my new look. Thanks for returning!*

11 thoughts on “About

        1. Yes! I used to blog about a large variety of topics (now I just do movies & music to save time while I finish school) and am working on my first novel. I also write some poetry. How about you?


        2. Still only 23 years old though and busy with schoolwork, so I haven’t really accomplished any material goals in the writing world outside from amassing views on WordPress. Cheers to growth!


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