Luke Atkins

Film, Music, and Television Critic


The more I know, the more I know how little I know. And in a universe with trillions of galaxies, I’m honored to be here with you now. I am a writer, critic, artist, and student. You can find me in Cambridge, Massachusetts—where I am studying government & history at Harvard University. Furthermore, I am an aspiring political pundit, with ancillary plans to be a professional film critic. I play soccer religiously. And I have a vast array of other interests: everything from media to history to art history to graphic design to video games to geography to theoretical astrophysics to even the most outlandish topics—like quantum mechanics, anarcho-syndicalism, nuclear fusion energy, Maglev trains, Noam Chomsky, arcology, and even ufology.

Still, there are very few things I’m sure of in life. All I really know is that I love the arts. I love experiencing them, I love pondering them, I love discussing them, and I love sharing such profound experiences with people like you. So, I try to cover both high-quality current works and “classics” alike. I try to be brief, so you’ll know that I’m onto something important when you see a big post. Maybe I’ll refine my format when I enter the professional realm as an arts critic. Maybe not. Just remember that I write my reviews alone—without any editors—while juggling Harvard classes and jobs. So, just don’t expect perfection yet! But I hope that this website provides a way for us to share and even bond over our passions, ideas, and experiences!

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    1. Looks like Nomadland is the heavy favorite right now, but you never know! Could be Mank or possibly a dark horse. Guess we’ll see how things pan out in the next few weeks in terms of media momentum and all.

    1. Ha thanks! I had a more personal one in the past but deleted most of it soon after in favor of a more slick, professional bio. But after thinking about it some more, I realized that maybe I should have a colorful bio to help my readers get a feel for my personality before they read my subjective (and sometimes highly personal) reviews. Ya know?

  1. This man who actually knows what he’s talking about comes around and leaves a like on my silly little for funsies music blogs and that’s pretty cool. Great stuff, Luke! Thanks for the support 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! That’s one of my ultimate goals. Just want to keep providing better and better content in order to enrich the lives of others in some way (however minute).

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