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Film, Music, and Television Critic


The more I know, the more I know how little I know. And in a universe with trillions of galaxies, I’m honored to be here with you now. I am a writer. I am in college, studying government and history at Harvard University. I am a political pundit. I am a tutor. I am a soccer player and coach. I am obsessed with culture and geography. I am an art snob. I love astrophysics. I have a vast array of other interests—everything from graphic design to Rocket League to futuristic architecture to obscure topics like Maglev trains, nuclear fusion energy, and ufology. Also, I split most of my time alive between Harvard, Boston, and my hometown (Dallas, Texas).

Still, there are very few things I’m sure of in life. All I really know is that I love the arts. I love experiencing them, I love pondering them, I love discussing them, and I love sharing such profound experiences with people like you. So, I try to cover both high-quality current works and “classics” alike. I try to be brief, so you’ll know that I’m reviewing something important when you see a long post. Just remember that I write my reviews alone—without any editors or proofreaders—while juggling Harvard classes, two jobs, and more. So, just don’t expect perfection! But I hope that this site provides a way for us to share our passions, ideas, and experiences!

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