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Now that I disabled comments on reviews, here’s the place to go to discuss any of the content or post your thoughts or leave feedback or talk about anything really.

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    1. Appreciate this comment! Was just talking about this with another follower. Will post more reviews of even stuff I didn’t like from 2022 onward! Will let you know. Thanks!

    1. Posting a review of the new Vince Staples album soon and then a few more film reviews (probably C’Mon C’Mon and The Tragedy of Macbeth), but we’ll see! Lots of other 4th quarter films on my radar as well. You have any suggestions?

  1. Hi, everyone! Luke again. Just wanted to open this can of worms by posting the first comment. In case you didn’t see, I decided to disable comments on all upcoming reviews. However, I still LOVE to see what all of you think and your thoughts, tastes, opinions, corrections, and recommendations—I’m only just moving & consolidating where our discussions will unfold—so please don’t be hesitant to leave a comment if you have something on your mind. I welcome and enjoy every discussion I have with readers on here, especially if it concerns the content itself or any related content. Thanks!

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