Luke Atkins

Film, Music, and Television Critic


A brief amalgamation of links on some of my other prominent pursuits & interests.

Harvard Democrats

I have made the most of my time at Harvard by getting involved in The Crimson, the world’s leading student-run newspaper, and the Harvard College Democrats Club (though I personally am not, by any means, a Democrat—nor do I support any political party or arbitrary system of beliefs or media platform or anything of that nature). Such endeavors were curtailed by serious neurological & sleep-related health issues which effectively suspended my academic career, but I’ll write more on the Harvard Dems blog soon. Link: My first article!

Alyson’s Updates

My partner Alyson shares my visceral passion for engaging in political activism & journalism to make a difference in this world, so we made a website (on which I occasionally contribute guest posts). This platform might seem less eye-popping than the above ones, but I prefer this as I’m able to articulate cohesive, organic editorials without the byzantine process of negotiating with auxiliary editors.

LINK #1: The Burgeoning Wrath of the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex

LINK #2: The U.S. Media is Brainwashing Everyone About the Economy

Luke’s Youtube Channel

In addition to doing graphic design (which you can find throughout this website and my Instagram (@LukeTAtkins), I also make occasional videos—anything from music videos to sports montages to petty Rocket League highlights. Some of them are on Vimeo due to copyright, but I have a handful of great videos on this channel. Enjoy!