Luke Atkins

Film, Music, and Television Critic


A brief amalgamation of links on some of my other prominent pursuits & interests.

Harvard Democrats

I have made the most of my time at Harvard by getting involved in The Crimson, the world’s leading student-run newspaper, and the Harvard College Democrats Club (though I personally am not, by any means, a Democrat—nor do I support any political party or arbitrary system of beliefs or media platform or anything of that nature). Such endeavors were curtailed by serious neurological & sleep-related health issues which effectively suspended my academic career, but I’ll write more on the Harvard Dems blog soon. Link: My first article!

Alyson’s Updates

My partner Alyson shares my visceral passion for engaging in political activism & journalism to make a difference in this world, so we made a website (on which I occasionally contribute guest posts). This platform might seem less eye-popping than the above ones, but I prefer this as I’m able to articulate cohesive, organic editorials without the byzantine process of negotiating with auxiliary editors. LINK: The Burgeoning Wrath of the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex

Atkins Services

Speaking of academics, I have several years of experience as both a self-employed private tutor (K-12th grade, co-ed) and a licensed soccer coach (who also does private lessons) for which I packaged my services on the above site. Due to my aforementioned health issues, I’ve generally phased out of this aspect of my career—and, as such, I haven’t really updated this website since 2021—yet I’d certainly be open to a new client if anyone is particularly in need of either of my services.

Roast Time

In addition to making Alyson’s Updates, Alyson and I made a Twitter page dedicated to politics, current events, and what actually goes on behind the scenes in D.C. and everywhere else. Please feel free to follow us! Alyson is super into discussing corruption, bureaucracy, healthcare, the state of our ostensible democracy, social issues, minority rights, and the media (and is also a scholarly expert on European politics in a variety of ways); I’m big on all foreign policy, macroeconomics, how Wall Street controls everything from CNN to Fox News, nuclear & renewable energy, infrastructure (e.g. Maglev trains), covert intelligence operations, and really all of those types of sneaky & often classified things.

Luke’s Youtube Channel

In addition to doing graphic design (which you can find throughout this website and my Instagram (@LukeTAtkins), I also make occasional videos—anything from music videos to sports montages to petty Rocket League highlights. Some of them are on Vimeo due to copyright, but I have a handful of great videos on this channel. Enjoy!