The acclaimed new French action mystery series Lupin is as deceptive as it is enthralling. It’s one of those shows where you can’t look away for even a moment; you could miss something important. You might even miss something that you’d think is crucial but isn’t: something planted to trick you. It’s a maze. But it doesn’t hit you all at once. The tricks up the show’s sleeve are part of a vast expanse of crazy twists. Omar Sy is superb in the lead role. The cinematography, set in the allure of Paris, is beautiful. The writing is truly stellar. And, with two five-episode seasons released this year, Lupin seems destined for more.

The show begins with Assane, an ostensibly normal guy who works as a janitor at The Louvre. He is constantly subjected to racism. His father was seemingly framed and then killed for stealing a $60 million necklace. But, a genius and a schemer, Assane gets revenge (while still yearning for answers about his father). He steals the necklace from The Louvre. And you’ll love him for it once you see what this cruel world did to him and his family. Therein Lupin juggles multiple timelines. And throughout it all, Assane always has a plan—as well as an uncanny ability to quickly circumnavigate any potential curveballs he encounters.

However, everyone else has a plan too. No one person can beat an entire system, an establishment. It requires a force to take those down. And Lupin involves everyone: politicians, bureaucrats, corporate overlords, the police, journalists, criminals, etc. So you’ll find yourself immersed within an infinite mental labyrinth of theories on what will happen next. But Lupin is always ten steps ahead of you. Granted, some parts are far too unrealistic—perhaps even contrived. The characters are often lacking in depth as well. Nevertheless, most of you will enjoy Lupin.

Rating: 6/10

P.S. Watch it in French with English subtitles.