Luke Atkins

Film, Music, and Television Critic


*Note: I recently moved all of my playlists to Amazon Music, so you won’t be able to find as much of my stuff on Spotify or Apple Music anymore—just dated playlists. But since not enough others use Amazon Music, I’ll stick with Apple for these playlists. Let me know if you want to see all of my personal ones!*

Luke’s Rap Megamix


Indie Megamix

Vibes (R&B/Chill)



Frank Ocean


Pink Floyd

Kanye West

Kendrick Lamar

Vince Staples


Chrome Sparks

Beach House

The Weeknd

Tame Impala & Grizzly Bear

Phoebe Bridgers & Julien Baker

*Feel free to give feedback! I’ll try to update these playlists. And check out my Apple Music profile for dozens and dozens of other playlists in addition to these. Most of mine are private as things stand now, yet I’ll work to incorporate more public playlists.*

Luke Atkins – Apple Music Profile